Jade Regent: Into the East


Get bogglestomped

Leaving Ul-Angorn with their eyes on Jaggiin the party said their farewells to the people they’d met in this small corner of the world. Making their way across the frozen tundra they encountered a bit of a blessing in some warm days which eased travel for many. Upon arriving at the switchback that leads down the glacier that is high ice they spotted some movement below, furry creatures hiding in the snow.

Quinn shot a ray of sunlight at the mound and it got up and roared. Standing over ten feet tall was this large ball of fur with blood red eyes fixed on the caravan. After the scorching the Yeti and it’s Yeti buddy beat a hasty retreat into the snowy hills. Just outside of Jaggiin the party spotted a dogsled, also heading for the small trading town. Upon their arrival they were greeted warmly as guests and trading was done. There were some ice trolls, the party had fire. Burn. Dead. The End.



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