Jade Regent: Into the East

Nom Nom Plants

Magic Missile

After defeating the riders and deciding that it was indeed a pressing matter the party set off towards the nameless spires, the subject of many superstitious beliefs. Approaching the center tower recognized from the scrying the party was confronted with a moat of black sludge comprised mostly of rotting corpses. After wading to the other side they were ambushed by a pair of Charda. Venturing fourth further into the tower they were beset by a myriad of obstacles. Frost Wights, Moon Flowers, and even a Rhemorhaz.

Heading to the top of the tower they confronted Katiyana and her entourage of magic slinging minions. After a tense battle a large amount of the Magi were slain and their leader lay dead. Binding those they did not kill they discovered that a compulsion, exactly like the one Akaash was subject to they are now under. While it will eventually wear off it will take days and the party decided to move on.



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