Jade Regent: Into the East

The Fat Prince

eggs in horse urine

After rescuing Rokusho from the Yetis they follow bormug down an old passage. Up several dozen switchbacks to the top of a very steep hallway. Coming to the end they discover the stone wall that the yetis put up many generations ago, after they decided to stop helping lost travelers. Cutting their way past they emerge and see an exceptionally clear sky. The storms over the wall of heaven have broken and in their wake they have left the world fresh and new. Before the party is a sweeping vista, where they see before them spread all of Hongal.

After traveling for a bit they see a Tori Gate on the road to a small city. When they enter the city they are immediately accosted by a mid-level management type guy who ushers them past the guards and gawking citizens, most of whom are Tian in appearance. Ariving at a lavish palace in the middle of a steaming lake they are greeted by a large man surrounded by beautiful half-naked women who introduces himself as Prince Batsaikhar. Declaring them interesting he insists that they stay with him here at the Palace, rooms for them are made up at once.

Over the course of several feasting nights they are challenged to provide the evenings entertainment. On several occasions, impressing the prince enough for him to lavish them with gifts. On the fifth night he arranges a parade in their honor. They attend, but while the parade is going on several ninjas pop out and attack them. Suddenly, after all the ninjas have fallen they see Ameiko running towards them with a woman introducing herself as Miyaro in tow.



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