Tears of the Fey


Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th
Slot —; Price 29,700 gp; Weight – -
The Tears of the Fey are a clear, salty liquid contained in a small mahogany vial. Once a week, the Tears can be sprinkled in a 20-ft. diameter circle while speaking one of three command words in Sylvan: refuge, confusion, and peace. Each word creates a different faerie ring. It takes 1 minute without interruption to create the ring.

The word refuge creates a 10-ft. tall wall of vines. The ring and everything within becomes invisible to outside observers. In addition, all tracks and other traces of the occupants’ passage disappear for a 500-ft. radius from the ring. However, anyone in the ring can see the occupants.

The word confusion creates a ring of mushrooms. Creatures entering the ring will immediately become disoriented, leaving the ring in a random direction, convinced that they are heading in the right direction. Also, those entering the circle must make a DC 16 Will save or spend the next minute trying to remember their original purpose for entering the circle.
Finally, the word peace creates a ring of wildflowers. All healing and regeneration, natural or magical, will restore twice the normal hit points. Also, creatures are fully rested after four hours within the circle, with all spell slots and daily abilities restored.

If used on a stone floor or arid desert, the ring will only last for 24 hours. If used on fertile soil, it may last indefinitely. However, within 24 hours, a swarm of the smaller fey races (sprites, pixies, grigs, etc.) will take possession of the ring, driving off all intruders, including the creator.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, plant growth, invisibility, confusion, mass cure light wounds; Cost 14,850 gp


Tears of the Fey

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