NPC Roleplay Lead-ins

This page is going to be dedicated to possible role-play opportunities with NPCs that have little bearing on the current game that your character may discover over the course of the time between sessions. As we proceed these lead-ins will expire and new ones will be presented.


  • Koya Mvashti sits in her chair in a silent vigil over the dead. Singing in old Varisian she mourns their passing, celebrates their lives, and sings about a grim but hopeful future.
  • Vankor’s eyes have this dark glazed over look in them, gone is that sense of boyish mischef and wonder. In it’s place you see a dark, unforgiving blackness, you see a man that has nothing to lose.
  • Shalelu Andosana takes their deaths with an amount of emotion that seems contrary to her character. Her face is contorted in pain as she sheds her first tears in years.
  • Ameiko Kaijitsu stands apart, she seems…..resolved.
  • Going through the streets of Sakakabe Alphonse Maximilian Chow rushes to his house, disappearing inside.


  • Sorting through the corpses you find a tiny scroll on a bloodstained body. Curiously it looks as though it hasn’t been touched by the carnage it sits around.
  • Walking past the Armored Wagon you hear a sudden jostling sound.
  • Glancing down you see an odd shaped spirit looking at you. Making a gesture for you to follow him he runs off into the forest. Follow Him
  • Looking over to a small gathering of Kami you see Ameiko and Shalelu at their center. Ameiko with her signature Shamisen and Shalelu with a similar yet smaller instrument. As they begin to play the Kami around them begin to sway to the music.
  • In the corner of the gathering under the light of the fading moon a patchwork darkness seems to cling to the shadow beneath the tree. Glancing around you see that the Kami give that corner a wide berth though none seem alarmed at it’s presence.
  • Late one evening before coming to the worked stone hallways you see Bormurg walk off into the dark followed by a high-pitched keening of a wounded animal immediately followed by a sickening crunch.
  • Approaching the fortune teller’s wagon one evening after dinner you see Koya Mvashti with a bowl standing behind a shirless Bevelek Dalmuvian and Vankor Dalmuvian. With a pair of tongs she takes something from the bowl and places it on their backs.
  • Late one evening as the caravan winds down and prepares to rest you see Shalelu Andosana slinking off into the darkness, she’s about to leave but she sees that you’ve spotted her.
  • They day after returning to the Caravan you see Nestor Lancaster leaving Koya’s wagon.
  • You see Bevelek Dalmuvian and Vankor Dalmuvian standing on the edge of town with several bundles of javelins between them. About twenty yards away there is a smattering of more javelins protruding from the ice. They seem to be arguing.
  • Walking through Ul-Angorn you spot one of the halflings from before tramping through the snow with a frustrated look on his face.
  • In the evening after the victoryAmeiko Kaijitsu is seen speaking with Akaash.
  • Ulf Gormundr is seen dragging walking into camp with a string of snowshoe hares, bringing them to the edge of the fire he begins cleaning them, burning the viscera, and dressing the corpse.
  • Ulf Gormundr, Bevelek Dalmuvian, and Vankor Dalmuvian all crowd around the edge of the camp, you can’t quite see but those familiar can hear the clickity clack of dice.
  • After supper Koya Mvashti picks herself up and starts walking back to the fortune tellers wagon, though she tries to hide it those familiar with her can definitely see her limping.
  • Shalelu Andosana sits forlorn at the edge of one of the armored wagons, staring out at the vast snowy waste.
  • You spot Nestor Lancaster sitting crosslegged near the fire, looking over a well worn book and leafing through a number of loose papers.
  • Sandru Vhiski sits curled up next to a campfire with his guitar, while this is definitely not unordinary for him his expression is one of sadness.

NPC Roleplay Lead-ins

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