Jade Regent: Into the East

Giants and Stuff

maidens and monsters

After leaving Jaggiin and skirtting the edge of the forest to conserve resources they decided to make straight for last pass. Halfway there they happened upon a snowy fortress of some kind. Deciding to beat a hasty retreat before the owner happened upon them they disappeared in a twirl of snow. After seeing a giant man walking towards the little ice fortress they decided that leaving it alone was a good decision, unfortunately for them their more heroic sides could not leave the situation as it was when they learned that the Giant had possibly kidnapped someone. Deciding to confront him, they appear in front of him and engage him first with words and then with weapons.

After the girl is returned the Eskimo villagers do their best to toast to their saviors. They don’t have a great many possessions or a real abundance of food but they do their best to share what they can and put on a proper celebration for their guests.



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