Jade Regent: Into the East

Creepy Crawlies

Tales and Exploits

After making sure to take advantage of absolutely everything that was in Vegsundvaag’s modest hoard the party departed for the Aberstine peaks, forced to the west by the unnatural storms occurring on the eastern edge of High Ice.

When first coming into the shade of the the Aberstine peaks the party was beset by a group of extremely large trapdoor spiders, while there was no permanent damage many were affected by their potent toxins. After disposing of the abnormally large spiders a through search was conducted of their lairs and as it turns out their various victims over the years had several meager valuables and one person in particular had a splendid longsword.

Several days after that on the eve of their arrival in Ul-Angorn the night watch quickly alerted the caravan to a hoard of undead passing not a stones throw from the caravan’s wagons. As soon as they were able they packed up and set out under the cover of darkness. After arriving at Ul-Angorn in the morning they had Koya scry on the zombie who once possessed the lower jaw that Sash had collected, she saw a hoard of zombies knocking on the walls of some immense citadel. Asking around the town they learned that this in fact was not uncommon, hearing that their dead make the “Walk onto the ice” after they pass on.



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