Jade Regent: Into the East

The Forest of Spirits
Sounds like someone died...not ominous at all

Went into the forest, saw some stuff, met with the kami.

The Fat Prince
eggs in horse urine

After rescuing Rokusho from the Yetis they follow bormug down an old passage. Up several dozen switchbacks to the top of a very steep hallway. Coming to the end they discover the stone wall that the yetis put up many generations ago, after they decided to stop helping lost travelers. Cutting their way past they emerge and see an exceptionally clear sky. The storms over the wall of heaven have broken and in their wake they have left the world fresh and new. Before the party is a sweeping vista, where they see before them spread all of Hongal.

After traveling for a bit they see a Tori Gate on the road to a small city. When they enter the city they are immediately accosted by a mid-level management type guy who ushers them past the guards and gawking citizens, most of whom are Tian in appearance. Ariving at a lavish palace in the middle of a steaming lake they are greeted by a large man surrounded by beautiful half-naked women who introduces himself as Prince Batsaikhar. Declaring them interesting he insists that they stay with him here at the Palace, rooms for them are made up at once.

Over the course of several feasting nights they are challenged to provide the evenings entertainment. On several occasions, impressing the prince enough for him to lavish them with gifts. On the fifth night he arranges a parade in their honor. They attend, but while the parade is going on several ninjas pop out and attack them. Suddenly, after all the ninjas have fallen they see Ameiko running towards them with a woman introducing herself as Miyaro in tow.

That would be....abominable
yetis just want to eat flesh

Approaching last pass they were ambushed by Bormurg and his Yeti warriors. Quickly defeating their leader several of the yetis decided to flee when some wanted to go down fighting. After mopping up the yetis they decided to resurect the fallen Yeti leader in exchange for him showing them an alternate path through what they call “Undercastle”. Making their way past several of what may have been extremely dangerous situations if not for their guide Bormurg they happen upon his camp and apparently, the bound and emaciated form of Rokusho.

Giants and Stuff
maidens and monsters

After leaving Jaggiin and skirtting the edge of the forest to conserve resources they decided to make straight for last pass. Halfway there they happened upon a snowy fortress of some kind. Deciding to beat a hasty retreat before the owner happened upon them they disappeared in a twirl of snow. After seeing a giant man walking towards the little ice fortress they decided that leaving it alone was a good decision, unfortunately for them their more heroic sides could not leave the situation as it was when they learned that the Giant had possibly kidnapped someone. Deciding to confront him, they appear in front of him and engage him first with words and then with weapons.

After the girl is returned the Eskimo villagers do their best to toast to their saviors. They don’t have a great many possessions or a real abundance of food but they do their best to share what they can and put on a proper celebration for their guests.

Get bogglestomped

Leaving Ul-Angorn with their eyes on Jaggiin the party said their farewells to the people they’d met in this small corner of the world. Making their way across the frozen tundra they encountered a bit of a blessing in some warm days which eased travel for many. Upon arriving at the switchback that leads down the glacier that is high ice they spotted some movement below, furry creatures hiding in the snow.

Quinn shot a ray of sunlight at the mound and it got up and roared. Standing over ten feet tall was this large ball of fur with blood red eyes fixed on the caravan. After the scorching the Yeti and it’s Yeti buddy beat a hasty retreat into the snowy hills. Just outside of Jaggiin the party spotted a dogsled, also heading for the small trading town. Upon their arrival they were greeted warmly as guests and trading was done. There were some ice trolls, the party had fire. Burn. Dead. The End.

Nom Nom Plants
Magic Missile

After defeating the riders and deciding that it was indeed a pressing matter the party set off towards the nameless spires, the subject of many superstitious beliefs. Approaching the center tower recognized from the scrying the party was confronted with a moat of black sludge comprised mostly of rotting corpses. After wading to the other side they were ambushed by a pair of Charda. Venturing fourth further into the tower they were beset by a myriad of obstacles. Frost Wights, Moon Flowers, and even a Rhemorhaz.

Heading to the top of the tower they confronted Katiyana and her entourage of magic slinging minions. After a tense battle a large amount of the Magi were slain and their leader lay dead. Binding those they did not kill they discovered that a compulsion, exactly like the one Akaash was subject to they are now under. While it will eventually wear off it will take days and the party decided to move on.

Creepy Crawlies
Tales and Exploits

After making sure to take advantage of absolutely everything that was in Vegsundvaag’s modest hoard the party departed for the Aberstine peaks, forced to the west by the unnatural storms occurring on the eastern edge of High Ice.

When first coming into the shade of the the Aberstine peaks the party was beset by a group of extremely large trapdoor spiders, while there was no permanent damage many were affected by their potent toxins. After disposing of the abnormally large spiders a through search was conducted of their lairs and as it turns out their various victims over the years had several meager valuables and one person in particular had a splendid longsword.

Several days after that on the eve of their arrival in Ul-Angorn the night watch quickly alerted the caravan to a hoard of undead passing not a stones throw from the caravan’s wagons. As soon as they were able they packed up and set out under the cover of darkness. After arriving at Ul-Angorn in the morning they had Koya scry on the zombie who once possessed the lower jaw that Sash had collected, she saw a hoard of zombies knocking on the walls of some immense citadel. Asking around the town they learned that this in fact was not uncommon, hearing that their dead make the “Walk onto the ice” after they pass on.


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